When I was 14 years old, one day I could not go school anymore. That was the first day as my life to be alone in my room for after 3 years.

This kind of person who is living in his / her room without any social connection even the family is called "Hikikomori" in Japanese. I was definitely one of Hikikomori at that time.

When I told my parents that "I can not go school anymore, let me keep to be alone in my room", my father was flabbergasted.  Even he entreated me to go school and go back as ordinary social life with tears in his eyes. Somehow the moment nauseated me so much.

I lost most of my memories during my Hikikomori days for around 3 years. It is getting more difficult to remember them year after year. I found the diary of my father and mother during my Hikikomori days. It was recorded precisely what I was doing everyday and what they felt it. Besides there was obviously discontinuity to the points of the view to my situation amongst myself and my father and my mother.

This is the story to find my memories during my Hikikomori days from the three point of the view as myself and my father and my mother based on two of my parents' dairies about myself.